Valo Partner of the Year 2020

Det er med stor glede at vi kan annonsere at vi endelig ble Valo Partner of the year i 2020!

“Dapt,  Norwegian Valo Partner, is all the time accelerating their speed with Valo! When the partnership started in autumn 2017, they quickly found their place in Norwegian digital workplace markets being a true role model to any Valo Partner – and for us!

Dapt have incredible sales success, being among the top Valo sellers at the global level with an excellent customer satisfaction rate. They actively participate in Valo events, share #ValoLove in their social media channels, and organize Valo-related events to their Valo customers. They reached also Valo Premium Partner status in early 2019.»

Vi er stolte og ydmyke! Som Valo Premium Partner og Valo Partner of the Year kommer vi til å fortsette å levere suverene intranett til våre kunder.

Tusen takk for anerkjennelsen Valo!

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